A5 SB p+ sline how did I do

How did I do here.
After quite a bit of research on this site and finding the exact spec I wanted and emailing back and forth this was what we got down to.
1500 includes first month with the remaining going to cap cost reduction.
This vehicle has sline and black optic with a few other add ons like beam rings and mats etc. that aren’t really important to me.
I know the 2020 is coming out but I prefer the navigation wheel vs touch screen even though the new model has the larger screen.
Residual is 55%
Mf is .00091

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Hard to tell without knowing what MF/Incentives are

There were no incentives Per edmunds or the dealer except I think local marketing allowance that dealer wouldn’t disclose.
Mf is .00091

It’s a good deal compared to others I’ve been seeing. Enjoy!

You can add on audicare for 995 but it will bump up your residual buy 1% so you save a little money that way.

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That is a good deal. I’ve seen 36/7.5k, $450mo with $2500 DAS for MSRP $53097. Blue with black optic pkg.

I like the FINAL, gives the impression that they’re all in. I bet that closes a few deals a month for them. “Oh man this manager means business on this 4th pencil, we better take the deal honey”.

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there might have been some room to squeeze a few more bucks out but I think from where we started to where we ended was pretty good only requiring some persistence and a lot of emails/texts between a few dealers.
It doesn’t hurt that it has the summer tires and in The northeast they probably don’t sell a ton during the winter.

I asked him to throw in a hat and sweatshirt as well before paying a deposit to which they obliged.

Can I ask what part of the country you got this deal? Looks right about what I’m looking for too!

They had a few similar vehicles but without black optic on the lot as well as at the port that he was willing to secure. I’m the end this was at another local dealer but I had built a relationship with the sales manager via email and he ended up swapping it in.