A little help with the lease calculator?

Could someone help me translate this info to the leasehackr calculator properly? I must be missing something because my payment comes out way off. Its a 36 mo / 36k mi lease.


Post a link to your calculator results

Did they not come through in the image above?

Not sure if I understood which one you want. The dealer gave me the lease details, and I incorporate him into the Excel calculator I posted in the screenshot above. When I attempt to post he’s into the lease after calculator even though I use all the numbers I can’t get the payment to come out as it shown above and so I think I’m doing something wrong and looking for help

He wants you to post the link to your leasehackr calculator to see your inputs

Well, just at first glance, there are a couple of odd things with your spreadsheet calculation. A $612 acquisition fee? Never saw such an odd number. And 55% RV on a $37,185 MSRP is $20,451.75, but you have $19,336. I didn’t go any further than that.

Thanks for pointing that out. Total fees are $612, i didnt have the breakout, so i threw them all on that line.

*The residual is 52%, the formula is correct to reflect that, i just didn’t update the cell title.

Does that excel sheet match the dealer’s worksheet? Best to provide a picture of the dealer’s worksheet and a link to your calculation.

Well, your “down payment” is a bit confusing because then the fees are taken out of it. You also have a negative for up front taxes, which means you are paying them on top of everything else, as far as I can tell. Anyway, putting all of that into the up front, plus your first month’s payment, gets me to your payment.

I think that’s where I’m getting confused. Everything is rolled in the only thing I pay at closing is the first month payment. Plus technically the cash I get for my trade-in is also being applied at closing.

My spreadsheet does in fact match the dealers info on hundred percent down to the payment before and after taxes

I still don’t think you entered the dealer’s lease worksheet info correctly. Show us the dealer’s worksheet.

So I think I actually got it it’s pretty close. Does it look like a decent deal?

I think my mistake was where I put the fees because they don’t match up category for category

But your calc says zero drive-off. Makes no sense. And nobody can tell you how the deal is because we don’t even know what car this is.

Agree with @Qbrozen. How is there a down payment, but you have zero drive-off?