A couple of (Small) GM Card and Rewards tips this month


This may very well be a targeted offer, but check your mail and Buypower card account, I got a promo for a 50 dollar earnings bonus (doesn’t expire, not a top off) to be credited to your account for spending just 200 dollars on the card this month. I just paid a bill that I was gonna pay anyway with my checking account to get it. Every little bit helps, right? Also if you are a GM rewards member in the PA/NJ area you might be getting two free tickets to the Lehigh Valley Auto Show from 3/21 to 3/24 in Bethlehem, PA. I didn’t even know they had one there! I’m not sure if I’m gonna go, but at least I know I have something to do that weekend if I really want to.

I suspect that the $50 promo is just for people who don’t use the card much. For those of us who rack up the full amount every year I doubt they give much of anything else.

Regarding the auto show. My SoCal dealer gives me “free” tickets but parking at the center costs more than the free ticket. If you want to get lunch there expect airport-like pricing. In spite of those drawbacks I seem to go every year.

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I took advantage of the Philly Auto Show tickets they gave me last month. Parking wasn’t terrible since I ended up parking a little bit away from the convention center. As for food… I remember many years ago I went to the NY Auto show with my dad and two brothers. When we got there he said to us “Now remember, this is the AUTO show, not the EATO show”. After paying God knows what for all the stuff my kids wanted, I can see why.