$99/M 24M VW Tiguan S 2016 Atlanta, GA

Hi, I got offered below and was wondering if this is a good deal.

24-Month Lease
10k Miles per year.
$999 Due at signing
$0 Security Deposit
+$42 Tag Title and Lemon
+$590 Dealer Fee
+1616. Tax (Georgia is entire price of the car)
$17,991 Residual
Expires 2/29/2016

-$1000 Presidents Day Incentive

Thanks for sharing!

The huge discount helps offset the sales tax and high dealer fee. Total cost of the lease (including everything) over 24 months appears to be $4,524, or about $189/month. That’s excellent!

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Seen this deal. Did you actually get an offer for any other vehicle than the 1 stock only?
Old trick to get people on the door so need to make sure it is not stock specific.

I was offered it, but they wouldn’t give me the price because I didn’t own a VW and to get that price, so it would be $20 more. Just wanted to get more input to see if it was worth my time. if I can get the deal. then I’ll take it. Thanks for the help guys.

What about Cali???

Yeah that’s amazing! I got $230 a month here in Los Angeles… Is there any way I can get that offer here in Los Angeles??

Lowest I saw was $129 + $599 down. + $700 dealer fee + acquisition fee etc.

That is still much cheaper than the $230 a month I got offered (with zero drive offs and all fees / taxes included / dmv rolled into my monthly payments).

Is there a way to find this price in los angeles??