$87,935 MSRP 2019 BMW 740i Loaner Deal. $0 DAS $799/mo


BMW of San Antonio


Owner’s Choice
MSRP: $87,935
Sale Price: $62,935
Miles: 10k/year
Term: 36 months
Rate: 4.93%
Due at signing: 0
Monthly Payment: $799/mo

Payment includes Texas tax rate on sale price of 6.25% rolled in. This is a true 0 due at signing deal. Below is a link for the vehicle. Please email me at shash.devu@principleauto.com with any questions you may have.



incredible deal but you gotta sign up brotha

wow. in the voice of our dear friend Post Malone

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Ah! Learning my way around the forum.

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Beautiful car… good luck

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Welcome to the forum! As @FORTNITE stated, you need to register as a business before you can post in the marketplace:


Not only is it policy, but that will allow you to post in the main marketplace rather than in private transfers.

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I registered on 3/7 as a business and the only instruction I received via email was to also create an account. What’s the best way to merge that? Thanks for your help guys.

You need to register to post to marketplace. I can reopen this thread once you’ve registered.

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