8/2021: Are specialty cars more or less inflated than "necessity" cars right now?

Context: I have a 2019 Highlander SE (all black) 22 months and 15500 mi into the 3y/36k lease ($400/mo) with a buyout price of $30,500 from Toyota. Search shows comps at ~$36k.

My goal is to move into a Challenger Hellcat, i.e. a few years old, perhaps at the 50k price point.

Question: due to the chip crunch, are all cars inflated equally or are specialty vehicles like the hellcats more or less affected?


A) buyout the highlander now and hold until the hellcat prices drop

B) buyout the highlander, sell it directly, and buy the hellcat now

C) finish the lease at $400 per month and then buy the hellcat

D) ride the lease for a while and wait for a lower buyout price from Toyota

E) execute a lease swap (single $300-$500 fee) and buy the next car ASAP

F) steal underpants

G) ?

It depends on the dealer & their appetite for markup.

There was a thread where Hyundai Veloster was being marked up to almost double.

IMO, your options A thru C as required all doable but first you have to start shopping for the hellcat & see what can is the price for the car you want & then and only then you can evaluate everything else.

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