$750 Honda Lease Loyalty



For the first time in a long time Honda is offering lease loyalty ($750). I just found out about this yesterday…conveniently after I messaged someone on here saying that Honda has no lease loyalty programs cue Homer Simpson sound effect

Here are the parameters:

*Someone in the household must be leasing a Honda that expires between now and May 31st, 2019.
*Any individual living in that same household can get a $750 discount off a lease OR purchase of a new Honda that is a 2018 or 2019.
*Expires 1/2/19 (maybe Honda will extend it - ya never know)

This can be stacked/added onto any additional lease incentives…again it can be applied for the person in the current lease wanting to upgrade early OR someone else who lives in the same residence.


Is this region specific or nation wide?


Oh damn our lease is up in September :roll_eyes: I was really happy for a sec


That’s awesome, I qualify and am trying to get out of the terrible odyssey that the whole family hates. What’s a good way to work some deals on a new Honda lease? TrueCar?


What area are you in and when does the lease expire? I think the best way is to use the data off of TrueCar, Edmunds, and other websites to see what a great deal would be for the specific vehicle you want in your area. Go to your closest dealership and if they provide great customer service and will provide the great deal based off the data you have found then it is a painless process.


Do you know if this offer is regional or national? Most Honda incentives are national from what I’ve seen…


I’m in Northern California (San Jose). Currently have a Honda oddy (lease ends April).


Nice - you will qualify for the $750.


I can’t find this incentive listed anywhere, including the Honda web site. How are consumers supposed to know about this?



I just picked an Accord for an example. You can back out and pick any other car.




Incentives aren’t always listed. This let’s a salesperson actually make over $100 for a car sale gasp


cool, thank you!


doesn’t make sense to me for Honda not to list this incentive. Aren’t incentives supposed to get more traffic to showrooms? Hidden dealer rebates are already a thing, why hide a lease loyalty incentive?


I have no idea. I wish that 1) Honda had this year-round 2) Had conquest loyalty cash like GMC 3) Made it public

My dealership is reaching out to EVERYONE who has a lease with the dealership that qualifies.


Actually, you may have just answered the question. Honda probably expects their dealers to contact current leasees. That way, they’re still getting the word out without having to publicly reveal it.


Could please send me a copy of current ;lease deals on Accord. Thanks


But, I thought you made 1000s on every deal, even when you say you’re losing money?! TACTICS.

EDIT: Adding /sarcasm lest someone actually believe I’m serious.


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