$700 for an X3 M40i - worth it?


I’m close to signing on a deal that’s 10% off pre incentives and base MF on a custom order for sub $64k X3 M40i. I’ve done my research, and I know it’s a good deal in terms of the discount, especially given that we’re in January, after the crazy Dec blowouts at 11-12%.

I can’t help but feel it’s way too much money for an X3. I’ve been looking to get into something performance oriented after driving a unicorn-ish $200 3 series for couple years. I know we’re at the mercy of the current programs from BMW, which are awful to say the least when compared to even mid 2020.

Mostly curious to know what others think and if there’s a better vehicle for $700 a month that’s performance oriented and still somewhat value for money or do I need to pay to play with baby Ms or 53 AMGs of the world. Camaro LT1s are not a valid option here :slight_smile: since I need a 4 door vehicle.

Edit : This payment is after 10% tax at 0 DAS.

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