7 Seater SUV Leasing deals in Chicago, IL


I am looking for some help in finding some great/cheap deals on 7 Seater SUV -

Any help would be appreciated-


Some have reported to still being able to get the deal on the Infiniti QX60. I would literally cut and paste the info from the article and email dealers asking if they would match the lease.

This is cheaper than many base model leases on other 7 passenger SUV’s and this comes pretty decked out.

They really dont stock any fwd cars in chicago. Im going to try to get this deal with my bro in law this weekend. Sill post if successful

Thanks but problem is they dont have any fwd in chicago also they are mentioning different prices for different package- do you know if this mentioned deal also inlcude any premium package

I m from chicago too and same thing i m hearing from dealership - if you get lucky and find a good deal please let us know

I’d check out Kia Sorento, Hyundai Santa Fe, and Chevrolet Traverse.


Any luck with your search

we went to motorwerks. they had one cheap car at 50,800 msrp. they would not move more than 5k from the price. so it was not going to be worth to lease. my brother in law leased a toyota sienna instead for a little of 250/mo. we were trying to get the qx60 for around 320-340 but they would not move off the price and the car was far more equipped then what he wanted to spend.

I went to two dealerships in the Chicagoland area motorwerks and Naperville which couldn’t touch the lease numbers discussed. I have previously seen the following

MSRP 46840
Sale 38536
Net cap 39236
residual 57
money factor .00055
with tax =387/month

However, every dealership I’ve engaged with is showing Mid 400 numbers. Can someone share a dealership which can get to these numbers in the Chicagoland area?

Is it AWD or FWD , Base model or with premier package ?

They only have AWD in Chicago and it’s the premier package