$5k off New GLCs

I’ve been getting offers to turn in my GLC lease early and get a new 2022 GLC. The discount offer has been climbing and is now up to $5k off plus waiving excess mileage and credit towards wear and tear. Seems there are a lot of GLCs out there and with the redesign incoming these could be hackable deals now or in the near future. Without a doubt the incoming redesigned model looks really nice but $5k off in this market is a pretty decent discount on a $47-$50k car. Whether that’s possible without turning in a lease right now I’m not sure, but it’s one to keep an eye on in the coming months.

Explains why I’m getting Ads for the GLC 300 now.
Though these 2 ads are slightly different as one is a local dealer and the other national
Edit : Because the 4 is under the background I thought it was a 1.


They will need to cut the MF or discount even more to get these under $600/mo with tax and minimal drive-offs. Right now I’m calculating about $640/mo+tax for a $47,500 msrp 36/10 $1300 DAS.

72 month finance comes out to $660/mo+tax and much lower balance after 36 months so there’s that too.

I’m in the same boat, I have a 2020 GLC 300 with 8 months left, got it for $429/mo $1500 DAS can’t seem to find anything close to replacing it. Interesting to see

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You could get a Kia Fo’te fo fo twentay.


Those are very unappealing numbers IMO. Programs will have to get way better, like you said.


Well the 5k off isn’t unappealing for those looking to finance.

waiving excess mileage? so you mean to say I can put 100k miles on it?

I’m sure there’s a fine print somewhere that limits the amount of excess mileage. Same way as wear and tear credit doesn’t mean you bring a totaled car back with it’s guts hanging out

If they don’t want to do the deal, they just won’t do the deal. I’m still under my mileage but I’m forecasted to go over.

oh you mean they are waiving excess mileage from your CURRENT car. i thought you mean to say the car has $5k off and they dont care about the mileage for that car.

No no no, waiving excess mileage on my current lease.