4Xe Owners Must Watch (eSave Mode)

Since there are so many new 4Xe owners here on the forums, I just wanted to share a video I came across to maximize your battery usage and enhance your MPGs.

Thanks for sharing. Didn’t realize I could set esave to charge the battery.

Esave charge does the exact opposite of increasing your mpgs.

Its the least efficient way to use the vehicle. It burns more gas than the electricity it generates saves.

But maybe if I’m selling one it’s a way to charge it before it drop it for a check if I’m away from a plug. Yeah probably wouldn’t use it but good to know.

I think the point of the video was that eSave charge does not always charge as much as people think depending on the speed/braking.

There was also a part about why the EPA estimates are so low when real life MPG is higher and he says the EPA testers used eSave mode which I’m not too sure about.

I rarely use eSave but I notice that Hybrid doesn’t seem all that different from Electric mode in City driving.

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That’s what I noticed as well. As long as you don’t press down accelerate pedal a lot, the vehicle uses electric only.

On some longer trips I use e-save in the highway and save electric driving for the city.

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