$480/month 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 4matic

Good deal?

2017 Mercedes-Benz E300 4matic

MSRP: $60525

Dealer discount: $8000
Rebate: $2000 United Mileage Plus

MF = 0.00012 (10 MSD with autopay to drop 0.0008 in MF)
RV = 60%

Acquisition fee: $795
Doc fee and license fee: $500

$0 down, $5000 for MSD

$480/mo, including 8.613% in tax. for 36 months

I am pushing for total of $12k off, which will bring my payment to about $410. But they are not accepting it. Is it the best I can ask for?


I think base MF for this month is 0.00092, you might want to ask them to start your MF at base.

edit: oh nvm, I thought your post had 0.0012 as starting MF

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How does one qualify for the united mileage plus rebate?


Oh I got 25,000 miles on CPO purchase. Maybe it needs status with united

I believe that you have to be MileagePlus Premier member or cardholder of United mileagePlus credit card.