440xi loaner offer

Here is the first offer from the dealer I have. Not too bad. Gonna push for larger discount and then try to go 24 months route.
Has 3300 miles.

I’m interested in the same car. What part of the country are you and do you qualify for BMW loyalty, military or student discounts?

Press for a $45,750-47,000 SP before incentives and insist on buy rate MF. This looks like they’re marking it up to .00205.

Midwest. And that’s with loyalty discount

Ya I figured the rate was marked up so would have to get that down. I think that with a bigger discount on Sale price and it could be a solid deal

Can you explain how you got the number they were marking it up in the rate. I knew they were making it up but couldn’t figure out the exact amount how much lol

.0004 is max and more often than not dealers go for broke on this.

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Asked for 20% discount and correct money factor. There counter offer was me addin MSD Lolol. No thanks

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“That’s not what I asked for, could you try again?”


Looks like I will be striking out on a 4 series deal. I literally have called 20 dealers throughout the country and each one thinks I’m crazy to get a discount over even 10% lol. The best deal I have gotten is

440 XI non m sport msrp:57070

$440 36/10

And 440xi m sport MSRP 61995

$558 36/10

This dealer won’t budge on either a penny. Discount is 16.7 and 15% respectively. The m sport has more miles and they still won’t take it down.

Called Texas, Arizona, Kansas amongst others. They literally laugh when I mention even a 15% discount and recommend I go elsewhere