440i lease that isn't adding up

Good afternoon folks,

I am trying to figure out a lease deal from a manufacturer that sounds like a solid deal, but the numbers don’t add up.

MSRP: $52845
Sell Price: $45252
12000/yr, 36 MOs
MF: 0.00128
RV: 59%
Downpayment: $1000

No taxes, NH buyer

The MSRP includes acquisition fee etc

They are telling me $514/mo, but any calculator I use says 460/mo. Are they pulling the blinders over my eyes?

We are not mind readers. We need to see the dealer’s lease worksheet and your calculation.

BTW, it doesn’t make sense to say MSRP includes acq fee as it never does.


They sent me an email with those numbers, not a formal worksheet though I’m sure I can get one.

My calculations are all above which I thought was the thing to do. I apologize for being the new guy. Here’s my URL:

You are missing so much info. There’s no acq fee, dealer fee, government fee and taxes. Plus, down payment is not the same as due at signing.

Acq fee is $925, not sure why it did not compute, I did have it beforehand. Gov and dealer fees, they stated, “are accounted for”. Sales tax is 0%, we have no sales tax in NH.

My guess is what he meant by sealing price was Cap Cost. Have a look here…

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That looks a more accurate depiction of what they are offering. The discrepancy seems to be the dealer and govt fees; they said all of those are I’m the capital cost (or they listed as MSRP). So essentially I take it they are hiding another grand or so.

It’s accounted for doesn’t mean it’s included in the sales price. That’s why your calculation isn’t matching. You need to find out what the fees are so you can enter them correctly into the calculator.

I will get that info.

Basically, I’m putting a G down up front and nothing more. They are saying the total, financed price is the 45,252. So at that RV, MF, and mileage over 36 months, I’m getting a large discrepancy in my calculations versus their numbers they are telling me. In other words; there’s money unaccounted for based off of their email.

Selling price does not equal total financed price. Your $1k DAS doesn’t cover 1st months payment, acq fee, title/license, taxes, etc.

Jeez, I think you may have stumbled upon one of the cheapest possible 440i builds in existence.

Going off the RV it’s a 2020 and they’re basically only offering 8% if you have loyalty. The deal is trash and you should aim for $43,000 including loyalty.

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@Electric yeah I’m ordering it from scratch. I only want a 6 speed and heated seats. The problem I have finding one already built is the 6 speed part, so figured I’d go bearbones.

I was thinking similarly on price. I do have loyalty and I thought 44Kish was reasonable so I’m glad I’m in the right ballpark

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Not too horrible at 44K but I’d still press for 43K. You’re in an interesting position there with no sales tax but isn’t there a personal property tax that’s pretty hefty?

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@Electric Property taxes on land are up our asses but otherwise we do okay. No sales tax is great. They nab you on registration fees; car registration will probably be upward of $700 for this car.