430i or 330i Service Loaner Lease - looking for some insight

What up y’all, first post on the forum here. I turned in a lease last month and I’ve been shopping for a 330i or 430i series loaner lease for the past couple weeks.

I would prefer to have the 430i and so I haven’t looked too closely at what can be offered on a 330i (is there better value to be offered on a 330i right now?), but the digital dash and driver assistance options that come on most of them seem nice (The 430i doesn’t even have collision assist and I’m just like ???). I’ll shop the 3 series tomorrow because I’ve pretty much exhausted looking at 430i loaner options in my area at this point. It does look like the 4 series has better rebates and I’m just looking for some insight on the best deal I’ve been offered for a 430i GC loaner; it seems good imo. Tried to squeeze another grand out of them but they’re pretty firm here:

MSRP: 53,360
Sale Price before rebates: 44900
Rebates: $6500
36 months/15k miles per year
Adjusted Residual: $27,839
$2300 down, $424 inc tax (obviously at buy rate)