428i GranCoupe vs C300 Sedan Lease?

Hello everybody,

I’m looking to lease either a 428i GranCoupe xdrive or a c300 sedan xdrive,(2016 models) Im in the NY/longisland region. I see BMW is offering a $1500 lease credit on the 4 series. I dont really see any incentives on the c300.

Looking for a 36 month, 10k miles lease.

What are the residuals and MF for these two cars? What should I expect off MSRP for in stock vehicle? The BMW’s tend to be a bit higher in MSRP($52k) Benz($47k)

I graduated about 15 months ago idk if BMW incentive would stack or not…

Thanks guys!

I don’t have the August BMW numbers, but I spotted the July numbers the other day. They likely haven’t changed much, with the possible exception of incentives. Should give you an idea of what to aim for until someone chimes in with the August numbers.

July Programming for BMW 4-Series (Including M4)

MF 0.00137 (MY 2017 / MY 2016)


  • 15k - 54% MY 2017 / 60% MY 2016
  • 12k - 56% MY 2017 / 62% MY 2016
  • 10k - 57% MY 2017 / 63% MY 2016

Finance 24-72 months at 2.97%
No incentives