$424/m Audi e-tron One-Pay or 9 MSD($429) CA only

(Sold out of 75k E-trons. Post updated to reflect inventory)
24 months, 7500 miles (30 more for 10k) on Premium Plus
One Pay 424+ tax, 9 MSD 429+ tax
Needs Costco and Loyalty.
This is a hassle free, haggle free deal.

Samantha 510-403-3655


Very nice deal, I wish we had more of these low MSRP E-trons in stock!

What will the one-pay look like, without loyalty , but with costco.

What is the DAS? Thanks!

Thank you. Who are you DonnyAudi? So Cal or Nor Cal?

Socal, Carlsbad to be exact!

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Cool. I’m Nor Cal. FJ Audi Fremont.
We stocked up on e-trons when it wasn’t all that popular, and now we have the most numbers of e-trons in the Bay Area. Especially the PP ones :slight_smile:


Thank you for posting this no hassle, no haggle deal…

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Nice. Welcome to the forums!

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I am still waiting for that donation…

Wow, smoking deal. At that price, I’d absolutely pay the $4/mo extra for MSDs versus 1-pay, but either way a great deal.


I actually joined because I just leased an M4. Wanted to make sure BMW guys aren’t making too much profit off of me. Lol. Then I saw the e-tron deals. I’m a math wizard.


Without loyalty but Costco. One pay would be 14383.03 at 9.25% tax. Mf .00123. Your tax may be lower.

Samantha, welcome to LH! Great to have some Bay Area Audi representation on here!

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Thank you, thank you.

Thank you!

Nice to have a Bay Area rep here! I’ve had to do all my Audi purchases/leases in SoCal since there wasn’t a NorCal rep here.

Excellent deal! I would jump on this in a heartbeat if my current A4 lease wasn’t up until May 2021.

Killer deal if you have Audi loyalty.

Thank you! I will still be here in May 2021 :slight_smile:

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How much drive off