<$400/mo Sport/Luxury Lease Suggestions? (Denver, CO)

Hey guys!

First time leasing and looking to maybe try and get myself into an Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti Sport if possible or looking for suggestions on other sport/luxury cars to consider, any help is appreciated! I was inspired by this post and was wondering if someone could maybe help me replicate it as close as possible in CO? Also willing to make a day trip (PTO needs to be used!!) so if the surrounding markets are looking better, I’m more than happy to make the drive.

I realize I won’t get anywhere close in incentives being a first time leaser and just missing the grad incentives (2018 may, looks like 2 years from sign date so just missed it), but how possible is it to get <$400/mo in a similar fashion?

In that regard, I’m also open to suggestions! Again, $400/mo is generally what I want to stay under, but what sports/luxury cars do you suggest I also look at? I generally like germans outside of the alpha - I assume a c300 is a stretch. I’ll post a few examples of what I like (old listings, can I see how long they’ve been on the lot with cargurus?).




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