3row SUV help (QX60 or XC90)

Hi everyone, been reading these for a few months now and have learned so much. I happened to luck out without any info 2 years ago on a new 2015 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum for 400/month with 1000 down (now I realize that’s not smart). However, it was a good deal. I’m not particularly fond of the car which has me hesitant towards the QX60 but they lease well. A few questions; the lease expires in August so when should I start working numbers and secondly, I see my local Volvo dealer continually has new ‘demo’ XC90s. Does anyone have experience leasing them?

Once you have determined what you don’t like about the Pathfinder, see if those traits overlap with the QX60 - that will guide you whether to consider leasing that model. I think you would be eligible for VPP which may help the economics of the situation. How often do you need 3 rows and what size creatures will you put back there? If just small children/incidental use, then QX60/XC90/Lexus GX460/Chevy Traverse can all lease well and would suit your needs. If you are putting teens or adults back there regularly, then that may force you to the Suburban/Expedition size vehicle. The Expedition refreshes for 2018, so will probably be expensive. Its never too early to start looking, but be prepared, it becomes an addiction.

Before the pathfinder we drove the highlander, cx9, durango and grand cherokee. The GC was nice but too small for us. Suburban/expedition are too big. Need a midsize suv as we have boys that are 9 and 7. The majority of the midsize suvs we felt were variations of the same but the lease on the pathfinder was much better than the others. I don’t need help choosing a vehicle but do need help on when I should start sending feelers to dealers.

We are currently looking around for an SUV and thus far the XC90’s 3rd row was the best with most space available for adult seating.

Re: timing, if you plan on keeping your vehicle to the end of your lease, then I would start looking about 3 months before it ends. I would monitor threads here ahead of that to see which way pricing swings.

The other question is do you have any equity in your current lease? Would you be interested in paying a bit to get out early - either through conquest pull ahead, or selling outright to a dealer and covering the balance?

I just did the whole SUV thing for the Mrs. Owned a Pilot previously. Looked at CX9, QX60, MDX, considered every third row out there.

Would have loved to have done an XC90 but we need the T6 w/ 7 passengers and I couldn’t get it south of $650 for 12/36. Tricky part with demos is some of the rebates won’t apply (Costco).

Ended up getting an MDX on Friday. Very similar to the Pilot for about the price the Pilot would have been given current MF/RV on them. MDX had $3k incentives and good RV/MF on the base especially.

Good luck

are MDXs leasing well right now? just thought might not be much movement since they are looking pretty popular

“Well” is a relative term, I guess. I won’t be posting the deal I just did in the trophy thread at all. Didn’t quite clear the 1% rule. However, my experience with Honda/Acura over the years makes me feel real good about this. I did, what I believe, is a great deal in the Honda/Acura family because that’s my very strong preference in this segment but they are never going to be what you’d call a hackd lease.

Search for MDX to find my post. I don’t want to squat all over tpgh’s post that has nothing to do with MDXs. Shoot me a msg if you have any questions.

thanks. ill take a look. i feel like i may move on quickly from my xc90 search as there doesnt seem to be many available at the base T5 end that Im looking for.

Thanks guys for providing me some valuable feedback. I’m not tied to any particular vehicle so it will most likely be what has the best incentives/discounts at the time.