3rd row SUV with nav under $400

Looking for a 3rd row SUV for $400/month or less. Navigation, leather or leatherette seats and keyless start are must haves. We thought the Highlander XLE was the best bet, but local dealers in socal are giving us a money factor of .0022 (with excellent credit). Any advice? Anything else we should look at?

What drive off fees are you prepared to pay? Maybe a traverse but not sure what trim has the navigation.

We can do up to $1500.

See its kind of tough because i would think Highlander would be best bet for the options you want. Hopefully someone in forum can provide some ideas.

There’s quite a few that could get you close depending on where MF and Residuals are for Feb:

  • Acadia
  • Explorer
  • Pilot
  • Santa Fe (not sure what trim comes with Nav)
  • Sorrento
  • CX9
  • Highlander

Like in another post I mentioned a Rogue 3 row version. You can get 1 fully loaded for well under 400 month. Leather. Nav. Remote Start etc.

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Ok i have to ask, who you plan putting on the third row? I am not a big guy but i thought the highlander 3rd row was horrible, but rogue that has to be even worse.

I didn’t realize that the Rogue had a 3rd row option. Thanks! We will look into it.

NY13 - your point is well taken on the Rogue 3rd row. We will have 2 car seats in the second row, and there is not enough space in most 2 row SUVs to comfortably fit another human in between the car seats. We would like the 3rd row for occasional outings when we have a fifth (or sixth) person and don’t want to drive two cars.

I have 2 Grand Cherokees and i fit someone in the middle between car seats always. Now not sure if it is suitable for long drives but for 1 hour or 2 hours has never been a problem. You should try it out. Take the car seats to dealer and try it. Again, just an opinion.

Interesting. We actually have 2014 Jeep GC, which I love, but it is not comfortable to sit in between the car seats for longer drives. We have a Diono Rainer FF and a Britax Boulevard RF. Which car seats are you using? New carseats could be an easier solution!

Well now you getting technical with car seat names with me. :slight_smile: i am not sure, i know one is a britax but i know they are both facing forward now since kids are toddlers. It should be a lot eaiser once the oldest starts using booster seat. I love the GC as well.

We’ve been able to fit someone skinny between our car seats, but it makes sense to have the third row. We’ve used it on many occasions and wouldn’t have a vehicle without it anymore.

A Clek Foonf (funny name, I know) is probably the narrowest of child seats … it is pricey but arguably the best out there and cheaper than getting a new car