$373 2017 Volvo XC90 T5 R-DESIGN

You predicted S90 under $400 and we haven’t see any yet :wink:

Conquest rules the same as S90? I.e. Luxury brand lease with <6 months left?

No, it’s not pull-ahead, just 3500 conquest for leased/owned currently or within last 6 month. So you qualify even after you returned/sold competitor car.

The crystal ball was a little fuzzy. I could see the 90 part very clearly but it was hard to make out whether there was an S or XC in front of it - they look similar :slight_smile:

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Was this a retired demo/loaner or a brand new xc90? That discount is amazing and 414 is a steal. I would do this is a second personally.

Brand new, 47 miles. But it’s R, so maybe they needed to move it. And final was $405/mo all in

I will give this one to Ursus and Inter101. Great deal on an XC90!!

Can you give me a little breakdown of everything? Im calling my local dealer now to try to make a similar deal on an R they have had on lot for 200+ days (per cargurus)

Nah, he got this deal without me, done good job on his own, including on Edmunds. I just held his hand when he was at the dealership and they put pressure on him

He will post here, but I saw contract.
Keep in mind - It’s on 7500 miles, 10 msd and all possible incentives. 36 month would be little lower

How much would it go up if you went to 12000 miles/36 month…

58% RV, plug his numbers in calculator. I think sales price was 45500 after all rebates

Got numbers on a 60,450 2017 T5 R-Design that had been on lot for 200+ days and could not get anywhere near your deal. I had extra discounts with Friends/Family (I know a salesman) and employer discount and I was still at a selling price of 52840 resulting in payments of 674 (36/12) and 660 (36/10). I would have seriously considered this car at 500 all in, but my dealer is no where even remotely close.

What state was this deal in? Great deal.

MO, based on his tax rate.

Hyundai won’t qualify for conquest or pull ahead right?

afraid not (20 char)

smoking deal indeed!

congratz!!! enjoy

No, but com’on guys. It’s all on Volvo site, just do some work.

BTW: he also paid padded bank fee - $995, so there is extra $300 if you want to try squeezing more :slight_smile: