$373 2017 Volvo XC90 T5 R-DESIGN


I did read it on volvo site actually, I was just hoping maybe it was something that was easily overlooked as long as it was any other manufacturer


First of all, I would like to thank @Ursus walking through the negotiation with me while I was at the dealership. It was nice to have an expert to offer advise during the process.

I came in to the dealership offering $414 36/7.5k before tax with 10 MSD knowing they will probably reject my offer but hoping they were desperate enough. They came back at $431 and I knew I could close the deal. But since I was also hunting for E300 loaner at mid 300 range, I was going to walk away and think about it overnight. I also created this post to ask fellow hackers for advise. Then the general manager came over and persuaded me to do the deal and willing to show me the numbers on his PC screen. He mentioned that I do not need to do any MSD and still would get $414 number before tax and I was shocked. Knowing putting down 10 MSD to drop the MF another 0.0005, I asked him to show me the numbers with 10 MSD and he refused to do, saying that it will make the discount less. That made me think that he had no idea about MSD. I later confirmed this with the finance manager as he said it is stupid to do MSD. And he showed me that 24/7.5k miles will achieve the same number of 414. So I went ahead to accept his offer of $414 for 24/7.5k miles as I like to get new cars often. Once I met the finance manager, he put in the 10 MSD and the MF drop to 0.00057, and my payment drop to $373 before tax. I kindly accepted the deal. Below is the final break down of my deal.

MSRP 57390

Discount $12340 (including $3500 conquest and $750 Costco)

Acqusitioin fee: $995 (They marked it up by $300)

Dealer fee: $199

MF 0.00057

RV 67%

24/7.5k miles

Zero down. $4500 MSD

Monthly payment of $372.98 before tax

$405.10 after my tax rate of 8.613%

Drive off: $495.10 (1st month payment + $90 plate fee) and $4500 MSD

Dealer had no problem for me to give out their name, but they said they are not going to offer the same deal I got as they “lost” money on the deal. But I guess you never know until you ask. PM me if you want dealer info.

Costco Pricing for Volvo

So you negotiated by monthly payments only and not by sales price? How did you come up with $414/month to begin with? Was that at least derived by calculating the sales price you thought was achievable and then factoring in the rebates/incentives?

Great deal and enjoy your XC90. :+1:


He got all the numbers on Edmunds and did research on all incentives. Then it’s really a no brainer to set discount to 10% (I think his was higher) and dump everything into calc.

Edit: Typo - he did research, not “I” LOL

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I found offering monthly payment to dealer rather than all the discount/MF/RV easier for negotiation as some salesmen had no idea how to calculate lease payment. And the monthly payment number is what I am after anyway.

They offered $4451 discount on their website + $3500 conquest, which is $7951 discount. I knew I had $750 Costco, and thinking they need to discount another $2000 (which make dealer discount to 11.11%, $6451) to make me think it’s worth the deal. So I came up payment of $414.


Post photo(s) here, when you get a chance


Will do tomorrow as it’s already dark here. :grin:


how do i go about finding the dealer you used. i cant seem to find the pm button.


I may have to give this a try here in SoCal. Was hoping for an Fpace but the numbers aren’t getting there.

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PMed you (20char…)


So are you saying if there was a 36 month lease the cost would be lower monthly? What if we were looking for a 3 year / 36k miles?


36 months will actually cost a little more because deprecation per month over the life of 24 lease is lower.

RV for 24/7.5 is 67%

RV for 36/7.5 is 60%

MF buy rate is same at 0.00107


Congrats on a sick deal!!! Man it’s the deal of century on a Volvo.

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So 24 is better… now if I can just get a good deal on the new XC60!


$406 on 36/7.5 vs. $405 on 24/7.5
@AVDweeb $440 on 36/12

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Congratulations! This is a solid deal and probably way cooler than the S90

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This is a smoking hot deal.

Could this have anything to do with the Volvo “midsommer sales event” - saw the attached on a dealer webpage. Seems to imply $4500 off MSRP for in stock XC90s that aren’t Momentum or Excellence (so that would include R design).

I’ve found 2 T5 R designs XC90s near me w/ $57-$59K MSRP advertised $4K+ off without conquest. Wondering if these are worth hunting down. First one was a demo but JUST over 10K miles so can’t lease it (and RV was terrible anyways).


Pm’ed inter101 for dealer info. If I can get this deal, I am picking one up this weekend!!!


Good luck! Please share if you end up getting it.


Congratulations on a great deal. As you mentioned, the dealer lost money on this (they all say that) but the details will help others get close. I’ve asked my dealer to see if they have any XC90’s (incl demos) that are close to this price.