$367/mo - 2018 BMW 328d - NJ


I got this 328d from this forum and now due to an freak injury, I cannot easily bend my left knee to get in and out of sedans.

Buyer pays for $500 BMW lease transfer fee. No incentives offered. Also listed on SwapALease, so I am sure it will sell quickly.

Platinum Silver Metallic/ Black Leather Interior

  • Packages: Driving Assistance, Lightning, Premium , Technology(HUD, Pro Nav, Real-time Traffic)

  • iDrive 6 with touch-screen, heads-up display,backup-camera, LED lights, all weather floor mats, M tag holder (front & back)

  • If you noticed, I haven’t even removed the paper floor mats given by my dealer yet. LOL. Barely anyone sat in passenger seat and the rear seat is just untouched.

  • Monthly: $367 (including NJ taxes)

  • Lease Start Date: Mar 16, 2019

  • Lease End Date: Mar, 15 2021 (22 months left)

  • Lease Miles: 10,000/year

  • Current Odometer reading: 1147 miles

  • Location: North Jersey Hudson County


Bump! Still available.

Car is gathering dust in garage as I already got the replacement SUV.


Tough transfer here a month after the 328d bonanza… someone on SAL should scoop it up since a $51K 3 series for $365/month is still a decent deal overall.


I think it could still go here if someone’s looking, since those bonanza deals are now extinct. Still not a bad lease in relation to the MSRP. SAL for sure though if he’s in an immediate need to dump it.

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Always can expect a counterpoint from you…

Since most people here are after the deal, not the car, i don’t they aren’t going to pay 2-3x what they just saw a bunch of people pay a few weeks ago. Just because you missed the sale doesn’t justify paying a lot more for a car, no less one with low desirability. On the bright side, there is a 328d for $650/month on SAL so think he can find someone to take it.

$450/month for a $50K QX60 sounds good now but personally not doing it when I know they were going for under $300/month a couple of weeks ago. Im sure I’m not alone here.


How does it matter if one specific car costed less in THE PAST if it’s no longer possible?

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Perception that the car is not a good value at that specific price point (specifically within this community)?

It’s not like there are a bunch of 328d die hearts out there so expect people would just go with a different car that is leasing well this month.

There are a ton of people who would take 328d at $200/month, but not sure the demand at 2x when you are close to $400/month with tax (outside of NJ), $500 upfront, and no maintenance. Lack of any interest so far makes me say limited.

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What other comparable car can you lease for $367/month right now?

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The 6 330xi loaners you have listed for $221/month?

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Alright true, but only me (in Ohio) and CA can lease those, looks like :slight_smile:


Yup! I would take at 200/month lol


Folks who are still in the bubble of $200 328d, please understand the following

  • Those numbers were only available last month and I do not see it coming back in atleast 2-3years again. The current gen G20 doesn’t yet have diesel and it’s too early to speculate for next April fire sale of 2019 models.

  • The sub $200/mo was only possible if you had1) OL code 2) Loyalty 3) New Grad 4) MSD($1400). The population having all the above is very small and even if they had now will not get same deal.

  • Some if them didn’t have taxes included. Or they were loaner with 1100-4500 miles.

  • If you look back the 328d posts most of they were $50k and under without certain features like heated steering, pro Nav, heads-up display.

  • I personally put a deposit on a $196/mo 328d with@Jrouleau426 (he can confirm) but due to logistics I had to cancel and got refund. His deal was the best i’ve Seen for east coast.

  • And oh did I miss the $500 broker fee?!

So my $367 w/ $500 down is for those folks:

  1. who missed the fire sale of April or didn’t qualify for the rebates.

  2. still can get a decent monthly with only on a $52k car that hasn’t been driven any more than a loaner.

  3. No MSD or over 1500 mile loaner driven over a period of 1-2 years by multiple drivers.

  4. Still want a diesel that gives amazing 32mpg-city and 42mpg-highway.

  5. Not everyone who got a sub $300 monthly 328d is going to post it up for swap within 2months.

Note: I didn’t sell the car yet because I asked for $500 more down to me, so turned away few prospective buyers. (I know I was greedy) but I dropped that now.

Lastly, if you think this forum is full of people who are only about getting highest LH score with a base model then you are mistaken. Please only speak for yourself.


I’m in the minority I guess. While I look for deals, I also want to be happy with what I’m driving too. So I take a mixed approach. Go after the car I want with the best deal I can squeeze out.

I’d consider this one if I was in the market. You can’t touch a G20 yet at this price point, and the F30 isn’t a bad car, at this price. It would have all the options I need. I kinda like the 328d more than the 330. The torque is great, and I can get 2 weeks out of a tank of gas vs 1.

Just a difference of opinion.


Totally agree with you even if the payment is effectively 390 p/no it is stil a way better deal then what you could get currently unless your in Ohio or California and most likeley won’t happen to the 3 series again for a while, mine was listed for 282 p/monwith 950 at signing + transfer fee and that was for a 320iXdrive 44k msrp and I got a lot of interest, unfortunately I decided to keep the car instead of transferring it, don’t know why your not getting much interest only thing I can see is people would rather pay a little bit more down than pay more per month (makes no sense to me)
Edit: your still under 1%

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And how much do you pay? :grinning: I enjoy it a lot too and think the car gets a bad rap, I guess because of the diesel. I couldn’t care less it’s not a 330xi and don’t feel I settled after the fact.

I may have different thoughts if I was paying close to $400 while seeing new ‘19 330xi listed here for what equates to $430/month zero drive off including NJ tax.


Where did you see a new 330 2019 for 440 0 DAS, I’d be interested


What car AREN’T you interested in?

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Yeah but 3k+ in MSDs also on signing and broker fee also…


Anything I can get a good deal on since I can flip my 3 series for a profit and probably the 4 series I’m signing tommorow for one too

Edit : anyways don’t want to jack the thread good luck on transferring, this is a solid deal for someone looking for a 3 series and doesn’t have incentives or looking for an affordable payment for a great car


If we are comparing Apples to Oranges, let’s atleast get some facts right.

  • I get $458 with zero drive-off plus $400 broker fee. Not going to include MSDs as I don’t have it, so why should that car. If I roll broker fee, I get $469/month. So $379(mine) vs $469(new 330) including everything.

  • The 330i is a 36month lease vs mine a 24month lease. Total out for mine is $7707(21mo) vs 16488(36mo). Some prefer shorter lease.

  • That $45k 19’ 330 is still $7k cheaper than mine. So I m sure it lacks a lot of features as the base price for a 330i is $42,250 and if it has metallic paint, add $550. So what does an additional $2k buy?

In conclusion, if you are trying to pee on someone’s lease transfer post atleast compare to similar ones. Passing your preference as the general consensus has really no value. Hope this back-n-forth ends here!!

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