36 or 48 if I'm gonna switch in 2 yrs

I kinda have this in my mind. If I’m switching within 2yr does this mean I can choose 48 over 36 considering the monthly payment will be lower, with assumption that the selling price is the same?

what? if you want out in 2 years why would you sign a 4 year lease

Not to mention the fact that MB no longer does lease transfers, so if you sign a 48 mo lease I would fully expect to keep the car all 48 months.

24 if you’re going to switch in 2 years


How are you going to switch?

Icy roads in the winter :eyes:

i mean I can sell to carvana or similar. i think it’s especially true for cars with low RV

So not a bmw or mb with an artificially inflated rv then?

Deleted since I failed to read that MB isn’t doing transfers :frowning:

MB is no longer doing lease transfers

And we can all predict with certainty what these buyers will offer in 2 years

I think what you are trying to ask is if the sales price is the same regardless of the lease term, and the longer term gives you a lower payment, can you just go with that and expect to get out of the lease in 2 years for the same cost if you just sell the car.

If I am understanding your question correctly, the answer is no. The lease term, 24…36…48 etc affects the residual value of the car. The longer the lease term, the more the residual value decreases and the more you pay of the cars value. More time just stretches the cost out so it looks like you pay less, but over time you are ultimately paying more.

The amount you owe on the lease, vs. the residual value based on what you signed then affects your lease buyout. You can sell your leased car at any time, sure, but if the buyout quote assumes you owe the value of use for 48 months of the car + the residual, you will surely have a substantially higher negative equity based on what Carmax or Carvana will offer you based on only 2 years of payments and use.