35k Model 3 is finally here!



They just announced that the prices will go back up again (by about 3%) across the board except for the $35k SR model. They say the price increase is for keeping retail locations open but my guess is that they want people to order before the end of March quarter to get rid of inventory and generate more revenue and margin dollars. They already said that March quarter might not bring any profit but I am guessing the linearity at this point is worse than forecast so they need a boost.


Maybe…but then again if that was the case why would they push the wait times for the base model by a month from 2-4 weeks to 6-8 weeks? Also if they really wanted to go full blast they would have opened leasing already. The price adjustment is comical, it’s like the company has 2 CEOs and both are pulling in opposite directions.


I kinda think the Model Y is the one to be looking at. Just a coupla days (March 14th?) to wait until we get to see what it properly looks like, but given the entire world wants compact-midsize SUV’s right now, the Y is going to be the one to watch.

If they price it $45-60k and if they can lease them out for anything even approaching something decent, I imagine there’ll be quite the backlog of orders. I can see households who are running a Model 3 and maybe an ICE on the side, potentially going full EV and putting an order in for the Y.


No, that’s just US…a hatch on the other hand is definitely desirable. This is exactly what’s keeping me back on getting the 3 as i already got a sedan.


Oh I think i’d disagree that it’s just the US. There is probably more recent data available…but The US is just the tip of the iceberg…The world is hungry for SUVs.



Can’t recall if it was posted here, but the Y supposed will have less range (although still vey useable) for the price, IIRC.


Partially. This story/whistleblower might be touching on the gap between registered VINs (perhaps being reported by Tesla as manufactured cars) and registered cars + inventory (substantially lower figure), though not explicitly. There has been some great primary research by short sellers on this topic, with a few guys monitoring output from the Fremont factory and tracking registration data. What we do know for certain is that the Fremont paint shop is only permitted for production of ~5k Model 3s per week. Promises of 10k run rates are complete nonsense with the factory in its current state. That would require significant capex to install new, additional assembly lines in an expanded facility.


Can’t speak to the company’s financials, but I’ve been driving my friend’s Model 3 Dual Motor a lot (he’s a Tesla owner advisor), and I’m really enjoying the car.

The steering, brakes, chassis, and drivetrain calibration are superb. Interior is comfy. Could benefit from more sound insulation and better rearward visibility; the trunklid is too high.

My dad’s i3 lease ends in a few months. Haven’t seen any sub-$250/month i3, Bolt EV, or Clarity PHEV leases in CA for a while. Unless a crazy deal shows up on one of those cars, the $38,200 (after destination) Model 3 SR+ is the top contender.


Interesting, not sure how that would happen. A $2,500 payment is due when an order is placed, but final payment is not due until the car is delivered at a delivery center.

My friend took delivery of his Model 3 on 12/30/18, and while the assigned VIN did change, he didn’t pay for the car until the actual delivery.


"Model Y, being an SUV, is about 10% bigger than Model 3, so will cost about 10% more & have slightly less range for same battery "


That’s pretty conclusive! Seeing the big Eu jump i have to wonder as to why it just doesn’t seem that way whenever i’m there. Maybe because there the SUVs still have alot of catching up to do.


That is my main complain…that and not being a hatch. The S has this issue too.


Well I also think the European definition of an SUV is slightly different to our understanding. I’m from the UK and i’ve noticed that many of the neighbours and friends of my parents are driving these type things which I guess are technically still classed as an SUV. (a very, very slightly raised hatchback in reality)



Captur is actually really like a small SUV.


This seems like a lot of speculation on your end.

Also, there are plenty of bulls, and I am pretty sure these analysts with fancy three letters behind their names have done plenty of work. And yes I know these buy-side analysts stamp a buy rating on 80% of the stocks, but I also believe in the efficient market theory.


Model 3 Dual Motors are pretty fast as well. Few of my co-workers have them, and they say that they hit 0-60 in 3.5 seconds consistently, even when the battery is not 100%. They don’t have the performance package either.