330XI Premium Package/MSport Demo Deal


Checking on this deal prior to signing.
.00099 MF and no MSDs


.00086 is below current buy rate, so there’s an error here. Is that supposed to be the post msds mf?

It wasn’t updating for some reason I believe it’ll be .00099 MF and I am going without MSDs

If you’ve used someone else’s calculator as a template, you’ll want to copy the url in the share your numbers section after the payment output, not the url at the top of the browser.

Very helpful.

Thanks just updated it.

To answer the original question, there probably isn’t a ton of room for improvement here, but almost $600/mo for a loaner 330 seems really high. Bmw programs at the moment are rough.

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Its soooooo disturbing…

What makes them so rough now compared to before? Noob question probably but curious what the major differences were

Lower incentives and lower msrp discounts.

And higher rvs

Realistic RVs have never been BMWs strong suit…why would they start now??? :slight_smile:

They’re getting closer :rofl:

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