330i xdrive deal Msport, Premium package


Mileage - 4534
MSRP - 54,785.00
Selling - 46,800.00
MF - .00145
Residual: 61%
Incentives: lease cash and conquest - 2000
Region: NYC - LI

Final offer I declined. My lease is up in November, would prefer to unload my Civic soon. Can any of you hackers help me?

This isnt a bad deal at all. You could’ve maybe pushed for another 500 or so.

For a 330i this isn’t a bad deal. But at the same time, 440i’s are leasing wayyy better. You can get a msport 440i for a little less than $550 a month with 1500 down. Even lower if it’s a loaner, lease cash on them are insane if there’s stock near you.

You can lease a 440i M Sport for a lot less than $550/mo with $1500 down. Some people prefer the updated tech of the 330i, though.