330i vs Stinger

Hey so i recently started looking into leasing a car and the new g20 330i really stood out to me aswell as the G70 and the Kia Stinger. this past weekend i went down to test drive all three cars, the genesis dealership wasn’t really motivated and i’ve yet to find a motivated g70 dealership in SoCal. both cars being the same MSRP. my main question here would be what do you guys think about the new G20 330i vs the Kia Stinger GT1

Might be helpful to post the specific kind of numbers you’re getting?

I’ve not driven either of these vehicles so my opinion is mute really, and I’m sure others have better insight….but having sat in both cars at the Auto show last night….the 330i would get my money and that’s despite the fact I’m a total sucker for a fastback trunk. It’s just a nicer interior to live with for 3 years imo.