330i Deal - Feedback wanted on Figures

Hey Folks,

I’m in Texas and have been working hard trying to get a deal on a 3 series. Can you take a look and let me know what y’all think about this deal?

I tried replicating the deal using the calculator but wasn’t able to…I was getting a higher payment through the calculator! Another thing to keep in mind is that in Texas we pay sales tax on the entire price of the vehicle.

Details on the car:
17 330i Loaner -3k miles
Black on Beige sensatec
Premium Package
Driving assitance package
Sport Line 18" double spoke rims
LED lighting
black kidney grill

Do you know the breakdown of fees, RV, MF? That’s probably why you can’t plug and play in the calculator

no, unfortunately, I don’t, that’s all I received…

I’m new at this but trying to learn. This community has been super helpful!

Search Edumunds forums to find the residual value and money factor for the car. That’ll give you a better idea of what the numbers should come out to.

Without knowing MF and RV, how do you even begin to use the calculator?

I like to just plug in the numbers I want to get the payment I want and tell the dealer to make it happen


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Most people are getting better deals on these BMW service loaners at 24 months. Residual has been stated at 65%, compared to 61% at 36 months. Sometime the MF gets raised when trying to lease at the 24 month mark? Discount is definitely good, but the payment can be better in my opinion.

I had used Edmonds to look up the residual and MF.

What I meant to say in the beginning is that I don’t know the MF and RV that the dealer used. None of that was disclosed to me.

After plugging in the RV - 59% and MF - .00152 into the calc, I kept getting 500+ payments.

It looks fine, your tax is double so keep that in mind

Well never mind - seems like I had made a mistake. I was able to get to $383 on the calculator - without the $900 up front…

Yes it sure is Texas

So your tax adds 90 a month to the 24 month term, just to put everything in perspective. 90 a month plus interest actually. Ask for tax credits.

Thanks - yeah I’ll ask them tomorrow AM and see what they say.

Is it true that BMW leases require cash up front besides 1st month?

The acq fee should be $925. The sales price also probably includes the $3k incentive, so you need to tax that as well. You need to adjust the RV for the mileage. Finally, the reg/dmv probably is much bigger than $4.

The MF is raised, but here are the numbers based on all the info. Added all fees and taxes to selling price and adjusted your RV

Thanks you! This is helpful.

I’ll plan to go in at 36/12 with just first payment up front - I’ll update y’all on what ends up going down.

Hypothetically if you leased from a Texas dealer but registered it out of state, would you be able to avoid the TX tax?

I spoke to a couple dealer’s in TX that had no problem with having me register a car out of state. In my case I would have had it shipped to me, but they quoted me pricing with my local Seattle tax rate on the monthly payment.