328i 2yr lease: $6500 off MSRP; 72% residual. Can we do better?

I’m shopping for a 2-year lease 2016 BMW 328i.
In past years, I’d have had to work hard to find a car with the options I want: sport seats and fold-down rear seat. But, both of these came standard for 2016! That makes my search so much easier!

I have sent out a bunch of emails to local dealers for quotes. (I live in San Jose, CA.)

Here’s the best quote I’ve gotten so far:

  • MSRP: $39535 (328i with no options)
  • Quoted price: $32988 (roughly $6500 off)
  • 2 year lease w/ 10k mi/yr
  • Residual: 72% of MSRP
  • Money factor: 0.00169
  • $925 acquisition fee (grrr…)

I haven’t been able to get the selling price this low at other dealers.
Some dealers have offered a money factor of 0.00137. I haven’t shown them my credit score (over 750) yet, and I’m curious what MF I should ask for.


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137 is the base money factor

Is the residual an ok deal?

Has anyone around here gotten more money off of MSRP?

The current price, residual, and MF (listed in my previous post) are ok for my budget.

Just for fun, I’m also considering whether I should start looking at demos to save a little more.

The residual can’t be negotiated, so if that’s what they say it is, then that’s what it is.

17% off MSRP looks good.

MF is inflated and should be negotiated down to .00137 or find another dealer.

Once you get MF of .00137, you can put down 7 MSDs to lower the MF to .00088.

Should get you to a payment under $300/mo

@1337 where did you get that quote? I’m in San Jose as well looking for a 328i.

This was from Weatherford BMW. We did end up getting the car on these terms!

I also got a nearly identical quote from BMW of San Rafael.

On top of this, I got an additional $1000 rebate for being a relatively recent college grad.

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talk to pacificbmw in LA. They have $6K off in their website. You should be able to negotiate further with base money factor. Good luck