328 & 428 BMW Leases

Looking to lease two BMWs a 328i and a 428i GC. I’ve received the following quote from a local dealer. Seems pretty decent but I don’t have all the details yet. How’s this looking so far? Would like to lock in tomorrow.

428i GC- MSRP $50,020 -> Monthly Payment $519 (tax included) -> 1900 in fees -> 0 Down 39 months 10k miles
328xi ->$40,542 -> Monthly Payment $349 (tax included) -> 1700 fees -> 0 Down 36 months 10k miles

This is my first time leasing, so any advice would be great. Thanks!

Got some more info. Drive off fee of 925 + Doc Fee+ First Months Payment + DMV / Reg are the fees they are charging.

MF is 0.0013 on both.

Also, said they discounted both vehicles roughly 9000.

Sounds about right. If you go for 7 multiple security deposits, that will shave about $30 off that payment.

Thanks! Would you say this is a good deal or just average?

Definitely better than average. With a $9,000 discount, the dealer is likely losing money on this unit… but they’re willing to do so to meet monthly sales targets, which then results in a big bonus for the dealership from BMW.

For what it’s worth, the best deal I’ve seen this month is $299/mo including tax, $1,700 drive-off + $2,100 MSD, on a $43K 328i. 12,000 mi/year lease. Roughly $9,000 discount as well.

Thanks Michael. Maybe I’m using the lease calculator incorrectly but I couldn’t reproduce the numbers quoted with 9k off of the msrp. I’ve asked the dealer to send me the sales price to see where my math is off. Any ideas?

Also, out of curiosity was that deal from a SoCal dealership? If so, could you pass it along?

Got another offer from the dealer. 599 (tax included) on a fully loaded m-sport 428i GC. MSRP $56,975 sales price $48775. Plugging it into the calculator I’m getting $552 a month tax included (before MSD on both figures). What am I missing? Or are there some hidden fees/ costs they are using? Going to try and lock everything up tonight. Really appreciate the help. Thanks.

Hi @The_Gonzo!

Would be happy to check the math for you. What is your residual and tax rate? Do you have the itemized incentives?

BMW usually asks you to pay the acquisition fee upfront. Some incentives might have already included into the sale price. Check those and see if the numbers are still different from the calculator.

Tax rate is 9% and the residuals are 60% with 2500 lease incentives for 328 and 56% with 1500 incentives for 428.

Hard to say without a breakdown of the quote. In California, it’s pretty hard to impose hidden fees. Doc fee is capped at $80. BMW doesn’t allow acquisition fee mark-up. LoJack, paint protection crap, etc., is rare.

I’d keep an eye out on the MF (dealers can mark that up) and of course the selling price. Hope it went well!


My apologies if this is too late, but the dealer was Long Beach BMW. Frankly, it shouldn’t matter which one, though. If a dealer still hasn’t met its month-end sales targets, big discounts are possible. Not sure now as it’s the last day of the year/month…

Thanks again for all the help. We ended up leasing the 328 and the more expensive 428 i GC. $43K 328 @ $320 / $58k 428i GC @ $567. How’d we do?

Can you provide the specifics on the 328 for $320 per month? Specifically, the net capitalized cost but all details would be appreciated.

Was this a 2016 or 2015?

Can someone help with elucidating the value ( or lack of) for this potential lease deal in Texas?
428i GC
MSRP with add on packages: 50,020
Note that thIs is a demo with 6000 miles, hence negotiated discounted price to 42,000.
10k miles/ year
Money factor 0.00130, residual 63%
They are asking for TTL ( around 3k here in tax at 8.25%) and additional 1500, total 4500 at signing.
Monthly pmt at $600 for 36 months
Seems high to me based on calculation- where are they getting this number- or am I wrong?
No other fees or add on nonsense like sealers or whatever I saw on sheet.
Thanks in advance for your help.