320i XDrive lease almost up & was emailed an offer from the dealer. What should I do next? (Washington, DC)

Hi everyone,

Not new to leasing, but new to “trying to play the game.” I leased a new BMW 320i xDrive back in Feb 2016 ($349/month with $2k down). Lease expires Jan 31, 2019; I have ~27,300 miles on my car out of the 30,000 available. With that said, now that I’m on a project where accessible by metro, I don’t drive that much and can keep the car under 30k by Jan 31.

I received an email from my dealership for these “August Specials” available for me:

Current 2016 BMW 320i xDrive Sedan:
5 payments remaning
Lease disposition fee: $350
Lease End Inspection: Due Now

The offer is to upgrade and lease a 2018 BMW X1 xDrive28i for $389/month for 36 months. This monthly payment includes the $1k loyalty credit and $500 lease credit. Must lease by Aug 31.

I had planned on continuing to lease after my current one was up (admittedly was looking at doing another 320i xDrive) but given the number of miles I have remaining along with the $389/month offer (which isn’t terribly thaaaat much more than what I currently pay) - I’m tempted. But, after lurking the forum for a few months, I know I can get a better offer and to never take what they advertise. My question is, being new to “playing the game” - what should I be doing next to ensure I can get the most out of this offer/my next lease? Could I get something better if I wait closer to EOY?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

If the offer came from the dealer then they will roll in your remaining payments into the new lease (bad for you).

If the offer came from BMWFS then the bank will eat the payments to get you into a new lease (good for you).

Read the fine print…

As the end of the year approaches, you will have more options to better cars at lower prices due to the end of 4th quarter numbers. Every year, BMW goes head to head with Mercedes on which company can sell the most number of cars and each of them will have some crazy RV leases happening to make that push.