$3000 off Bolt EVs

We’re doing $3000 off all Bolt Evs at Dublin Chevrolet. Call me and I’ll put a quote together for you

Quote on 3 Years, 15k per year, trim not importan…Lease on a Ford Focus Energi ends in 1 month…Thanks!

Looking for a qoutes for Bolt, idealy with fast charger. 36 or 39 month 12 or 15k. Looking to do this mid april. Current chevy volt lesse ends on 04/19.

Hey Briancj,

I have a quote on a Bolt LT that I’m thinking about in SOCAL. My lease is up on June 1st so haven’t pulled the trigger. Don’t have all the details, but basically: 36 Months, 15k Per Year, $1500 Down (I get to keep the state $2500 refund), for $396.00 + Tax. You can use that as a baseline. Moreno Valley Chevy. Good luck!

Seems you can do better than $3K

The more you wait, the better the discount. Jan was $1k off, Feb was $2k off and Now $3k off. Subsequent months should bring more and more discounts unless Woz buys a few more Bolts …

yup - over 1800 on cars.com last week. LOTS of inventory.