30 Day Mercedes Lease Extension? C43 Loaner hunt / experience?


I am in PA. I am searching for my next lease.

I have a 2017 E300 Sedan lease (loaner) due on 2/15/2021. I am looking for a C43 Loaner as my next lease. This car needs to be a reasonable commuter (50 minutes each way, on a good traffic day) and I plan to get a new C8 Corvette when I can later in 2021 as my “very fast” fun car for nice days. My new lease also needs to be a 4 door as my 19 year old son is still around from college during the pandemic, I need to get three people in the car on occasion with luggage.

I looked into the GLB35, but the car is slower than the C43, even though it would have more functionality for me (more luggage space). And, no Loaners that I can find on the GLB35 as 21’s are just hitting now.

I believe if I find a C43 loaner to lease prior to my last payment being due, that Mercedes will forgive the last payment. I also hope to “return” the old E300 into wherever I find my new C43 Loaner lease. Worst case, I believe I am able to get a 30 day extension for the current lease, if I need it.

So - if anyone out there has some advice for me, such as flaws in my thinking above, or if you know of a C43 loaner at a dealership available in the PA/NJ/DE/Southern MD area, please let me know!

Hopefully I am posting this in the right area.


Hello, I would try contacting sales managers in your area to see if they have any C43 loaners that are coming due soon. I’m not sure if MBF will “waive” your last payment.

It’s easier to look up their websites.

Here are some links.

Add any new ones you find @Todds911

I have been with mercedes for the past 8 years my current car is a AMG, I have never been giving another AMG as a loaner maybe thats just in NY but that seems like a very unrealistic find IMO.

C43 arguably isn’t a real AMG. No way a dealer would have a C63 loaner, but a C43 I could see that happening.

OP what part of PA are you in?

Ha! I wasn’t going to touch that subject (is C43 a “real” AMG; not built by hand engine by one dedicated MB employee, etc.)… But I am not looking for 63 power for my commute, especially since I have my eye on the new C8.

I believe I saw a couple C43 Loaners on this site. In fact, one of the brokers has them listed, I believe. But hoping to find a little more local first.

Oh, and near Philly.

This would be my fifth lease with MB, and I also have never been given an AMG as a loaner during repairs either.

But, I have seen the “lesser” AMGs found as loaners on this site.

For my last lease (for my wife), I was looking for C coupe loaners. No one had them at all. Then, I just happen to check my local dealer (very small, don’t usually negotiate well), and to my complete amazement they had 5 of them. Five! They said they had some kind of shortage on C300 sedans and ended up putting coupes in as loaners. I kid you not, my wife had multiple colors to chose from. To me, it was like finding five unicorns in one small spot! …Not an AMG story, but one can be surprised.

There are brasshat/exec cars, demos, etc… many ways for a car to make its way into the “loaner” for-sale inventory than only being a service loaner.

Bobby Rahal Benz in Wexford has a large inventory. They can be very stingy tho price wise. Jon Johnson is a good guy.

Also for reference: Signed: 2020 Mercedes AMG C43 Sedan Loaner - $69K - $515/mo w/ PPM, $2550 DAS + MSDs, 36/10k

That deal would have worked for me, and it included PPM!