3 row SUV help 2020 MDX, 2022 MDX, QX60, CX90?


I am looking for some advice. My 2018 AWD QX60 lease is ending soon and I am looking for a similarly appointed and similarly priced replacement. My QX60 is the equivalent to the signature model, at the time I leased it I don’t believe it was called signature but it does have all the features of the 2020 signature model. My price range is 350-450 and some down ~2500k. I went to look at the Acura MDX last night and was underwhelmed by the 2020. With 2500 down 36m 10k miles the 2020 verbal offer from the dealer was $369 and the 2022 was $549 monthly. I plan on looking at the Volvo cx90 but I am curious to hear recommendations of other 3 row SUVs that may be better to lease. I did look at the Atlas and the explorer end felt they were lower quality than the QX60. I will add I am new to leasing and this site. As I am learning more I think I may have grossly over paid for my first lease :frowning:

I’ve seen some deals on the Cadillac XT6 that fit your budget and costco has rebates for Cadillac currently.

Did you look through the Marketplace?

You need to be very clear if you’re talking $2500 down or $2500 due at sale, as there can be a substantial difference.

Best plan here is to spend some time reading through the leasing101 to build a solid foundation for effectively leasing and then looking through the shared deals to get an idea of what is doable around your price. Once you find some candidates, you’ll want to set some price targets based on the current programs before ever considering talking to a dealer.

Talking to dealers is for finding someone to do your deal, not figure out what something should cost.

Sorry, due at sale.

I would definitely look at the Volvo. When I got mine they were leasing very well but I am not sure how they are now. It’s definitely the best car I have ever owned!

Went to see the Volvo yesterday, we are sold on the car. Now I just need to find the best deal.

If you want a car with absolutely everything you’d be hard pressed to beat the two units @aronchi has posted now. It’s a bit above your range, but would be a ton of car for the $$$.

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Are you adjusting your budget higher? Currently, I don’t think you can get any XC90 for $450/mo with $2500 DAS.

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After reading this forum for the last few days I certainly have adjusted the way I look at the cost of a lease. My monthly payment target and DAS was based off my prior lease, which I entered armed with very little info.

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Hi, I contacted a dealer on market place and they provided an offer that matches what is in their posted spread sheet. Is it bad practice to post the calculation they provided in this forum for feedback? Also, I plan on taking the offer to a few dealers to see if they can beat it.

We looked at the XT6 yesterday, amazing car. Out of all the cars we looked at it came down to this and the Volvo. The deciding factor that ruled this car out was the storage behind the 3rd row is just too small.

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