3 car lease... how to best proceed

hey leasehackr community. hacked a lease in the past, and loved the process, but a little busy and drained to put the leg work in.

myself and my family are looking to lease 3 cars! i wanted to get the community’s thoughts on how to best leverage this opportunity to get a volume discount.

ideally they would be PHEV. one of them needs to be an suv. open to many different cars and manufacturers.

thanks in advance.

3 cars would not get you a volume discount. 30 might.

Whoever tells you it will is blowing smoke up you kiester.


Each car is a separate transaction so it does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Best case I can see you getting a few hundred dollars more off but I don’t think any dealer wants to hack three cars.

Ask for a discount from a broker.

most Leasehackr-worthy deals don’t have much meat on the bone as it is…

I did a 3 car deal for my own household once before on Hondas back 8-9 years ago, and did get about net-$1,000 total benefit on doing them all at once(2 leases, 1 purchase).

I’d approach the New car SM with a lease proposal straight forward on all 3 and see if they play ball.