2nd lease: 2019 BMW X3 Xdrive30i SAV. Got ripped off 1st lease

M Sport Package 2
Premium Package
Driver Assistance Plus Package
Driver Assistance Package

  1. Stated car has been in lot over a month
  2. Offered $3500 lease credit per above pic
  3. Stated will accept $250 USAA incentive
  4. Might accept $500-$1k from OL code
  5. Will do max MSD’s
  6. How to convert 1.85 MF?
  7. How low should I go as far as selling price of car?
  8. Lease calc showing ~$100 less than quote from dealership

Any tips/advice/feedback would be greatly appreciated

Need at least 10% off, so like another grand off. Stick the numbers in the calculator or ask them what mf they are using

I hope I did that correctly.
Stated MF is .00185

You need .00145, another $1-2,000 dealer discount and OL code of course.

Happy hacking.

Your drive off seems very high, what is the breakdown.

Also think about MSDs to bring your monthly down.