$279 Blazer EV -$0 DAS - NO BROKER FEE! Calculator Template Inside- Tax Credits on Deck- Caddy/Chevy - HOUSTON, TX

Trucks heading out Wednesday morning-
Hitch a ride!

Just got allocation for 2025 Blazer EV-

These can be placed with SUPERCRUISE, available on RS Models-

If you want to get your SUPERCRUISE Blazer EV ordered- it will get put in this week!

Can they be ordered with CarPlay? :smile:

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I tried the Google system and enjoyed it without having to connect my phone. It was super quick and responsive with Hey Google requests that seem to get what I’m saying more than Siri. I could even Hey Google to set temp to 67 while driving and keep eyes on the road. Routing long trips w/ charging stop and preconditioning seemed great too.

So genuine question because no CarPlay is single handedly stoping me from getting a Blazer EV right now.

Do you have to pay for an additional service for maps traffic data or streaming music?

It’s included for several years, would need to google how many exactly. It certainly won’t run out during a lease.

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Yea 8 years google apps and maps sub with 2024 blazer ev lease or purchase.


Just sent you a PM for a Blazer EV quote for the midwest.

Thank you! Didn’t mean to derail the thread but it is information that helpful to me and my decision this month!


Whats the lease deals on those RS w Super Cruise do u deal in Texas?

How are suburban’s leasing, any rough numbers?

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1000$/mo 2000 das

Blazer EV Calculator bump:


I’ll bite. I’m in San Antonio and looking to lease a Blazer EV RS. Your numbers look really good. Can we speak directly? I may even be driving out to Galveston in a couple of days…

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Sent you a DM :sunglasses:

Answering emails, texts and messages as fast as I can-

If I missed you- resend a message to pump it to the top.

Sitting at 9 for June- let’s get to 30 together!

Any good lease deals on either Silverado or Tahoe?
Zip: 34114


EQUINOX EV just got a program enhancement!

I have 6 available….

Calculator coming soon-

Texas, Florida and NJ clients have first priority :fire:

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Bolt Owners/Lessees get the biggest bump on these- as GM continues to give those Loyal Bolt owners an avenue to stay with the manufacturer- with a $3000 dollar rebate ($3500 for lessees).

Also available-
$1000 Supplier
$1000 Costco
$500 Current Lessees

Calculator set for Texas Resident Bolt Lessees with a Full Rebate Stack.

Adjust and personalize to your own Tax and Rebate qualifiers.