$277 Lease 2018 Mazda CX5 Touring With Preferred package In South Florida, Good deal?


I just wanted some feedback on the following deal:
CX5 2018 Touring with preferred package and roof racks.
MSRP $28,990
Term 36/10
$0 due at signing with first month included
Monthly payments $277 plus tax
Location: South Florida
Does it sound like a good deal?

Thank you

best i could do on about same msrp, I gave up since my target car was 250
Down is 933.00 for drive offs this is with a $1,860.00 discount for 36 month lease 12k miles a year is 293.41 a month

I can’t believe the CX-5 is so popular that they can get away with these deals.

The best I’ve gotten is around 280 on the touring and 328 on the grand touring fully loaded

I also gave up since Stelvio’s are going for 349 before negotiation

All prices are $0 down, 1st month due at signing.

I think it’s a good deal. It is also a car that is actually worth that payment IMO. Mazda is super stingy with any kind of dealer incentives.

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Where is this deal from?

The deal is from Miami Florida

Does it mean that the deal I was offered is a good one in your opinion when you say that you can’t believe that they can get away with these deals?

Did the $293.41 monthly payment include taxes?

Hi there,

I am currently working on a CX5 GT and touring. With that being said I am giving you a brokers confirmation that you have a good deal!


how did you get them down so much?

It took a lot of time and negotiation with different dealers. The dealership I leased from was willing to loose money on this deal. I referred a few friends and family to this dealership and they were able to get a similar deal as well. The whole thing was time consuming as it took me nearly 1 month to find this deal.

Hey NightOwl25 - I’m also in South Florida and would love to get this deal! Could you PM me the details and let me know if you think I could also get this?
I really really appreciate it!

@nightowl25 could you send me the information on dealership and salesperson please :slight_smile:

Dam. That’s a good deal. I can’t find anything close to that in Socal at all!

If anyone knows any socal dealers… with this pricing, please share :)!

Could you share the spreadsheet si I could show it to my dealer