24 mo's out there

LH er’s

Been hitting a stumbling block on my next lease. I strongly favor a 24/10 at the moment as I can’t commit to 3 years and up.
Worked on 2019 I3, 2018 BMW 330e, and Alfa’s to no avail within my budget (yet). Struggling to find out what are some favorable 24 mo leases/incentives out there. Any brand/model recommendations in the luxury segment would be welcome (400/500 budget)


why not an 18 i3? the 19’s dont lease well at all. I have someone in GA looking too, but there are next to none in the south east region. GA really needs to bring back that $5k state tax rebate.

What about a 320? Not enough zip? They’ll just get cheaper as people realize the new 3 series has 255hp standard. I pretty much stole mine at $234/mo

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Drove a 2015 I3 for 30 months - loved it but in need of 2019 range numbers so I can ditch the Rex and more safety features. Georgia didn’t get much I3 inventory for a couple of years now…everyone complains about CA getting the lion’s share :slight_smile:
My dealer has an 18 I3s but its stripped down with no options or else I would have worked on it with the low numbers.

I was only interested in the plug in for the 3’s.

Why? You can buy allot of gas for two bills per month

At first I thought you were looking for a plug-in… but then you listed Alfa. Sooo…??

You’re in budget with 330e, and if you can get a good discount the 24m will be cheaper than 36m. Put MSDs and don’t put anything down. Work it

Check out marketplace here, you can do sub 400

Most 330e are being punched so no BMWCCA but deals are getting aggressive

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I know but problem with an older model is no safety features (only BSM) and because of inventory can’t be very choosy with colors/packaged thus my hesitation - I am at 500/0 DAS on a 56k car (No MSD’s I don’t qualify anyway) - will not do this above 450 if I can’t find any newer alternatives out there. thoughts?