24 month lease midsize sedan msrp 26k and up

Hi this forum is amazing thanks for saving us money and time.
Basically i am looking for a 24 month lease
(here on a project i am going to return it in 2 years ) with 12 thousand miles a year zero down with payments between 250- 300 looking for a nice awd car in the higher trem levels tried looking at the crysler 300 bmw 320i ford fusion awd
Couldnt get the deals that i see on the leasehackr they weren’t in my price range
i live in new Hampshire if that helps with rebates…
Anything in that price range will help
Thanks appreciate your time and help

Did you try Acura TLX ? With 24 months it going to be hatd to get into your price range. You can lease for 36 and transfer the lease application to another person after 24 months. Obviously it should be a hot deal on leade to motivate transfer.

Hi sepidoopy
Yes i tried acura tlx they dont have any rebates (edmunds discount is gone) and not much discount from msrp
They qouted around 380 24 month zero down 12k miles
I have tried a lot of dealerships like volvo Volkswagen couldnt get a decent deal

Can you discount a Tiguan to be a sedan ? This is rhe other option

Yup got a deal for you. A decent BMw 320i loaner can be had for under $250 and is at 35-40k MSRP.

Hi vhooloo
I called 5 different bmw dealerships asking about the loaner car 320i the best qoute is 400 a month zero down 24 months with 12k miles
What am i missing?
What should i be asking ?
The money factor that they gave me is 0.00165

Tell them your “friend” got this deal and you want it matched:

2016 320i
MSRP 35745
Selling price 28930

1k rebate loyalty+680.00 drive off
24 months/10k miles per year

72% resd.
.00136 MF
224.44 a month (with tax) (this includes the 925.00 acq. fee as well in the payment)

$193 a month with max MSDs

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Thanks vhooloo
I will try doing that
What do i need to qualify for the 1k loyalty rebate?

when i called boston dealerships about this ad they told me its with 4000 down and 7 msd with only 10k per year…

Stay away from Herb Chambers Boston - they are idiots or thieves or both. Call Wagner in Shrewsbury.

Did you check if you can take over a good lease from someone else .

Still cant get any deal under 380 a month for 24 months
Tried Chrysler 300 didnt work
Bmw didnt work
Looking for any decent sedan with awd with payments under 300 for 24 month lease
Any ideas?? thanks

Try these guys. Carvoy.com. they are brokers but very upfront with me when i tried to lease with them. Good experience.

24 month lease midsize sedan :point_left: :wink:

The CRV is like a sedan lol and is perfect for New Hampshire weather. This is Herb Chambers, Mass, so it is also relevant to OP. Feel free to ignore if you absolutely need a sedan but I have delivered info on AWD 24 month vehicle with payment at 200 mark.

And for $20 more, you can have a higher trim level (EX)