23 audi q4 etron sportback deal check

First time leasing. Is this good? Would maybe want to buy after lease is done.
Msrp 59335
Rebates discounts 11063
Price 48331
Audi care 1099
Balance 51071
$ factor .0024
Lease term 24 months
Monthly payment 605
DAS 5000
Residual 38013 ( is the residual too high ? I would want to buy the car at the end of the deal) after paying $19500 through the 24 month term and only contributing 10k to the balance, doesnt seem like a good deal. is that normal for leases ?
state GA

Thank you!

Looks like you could get a q8 etron with a similar monthly and a lower DAS.

Just as a comparison.

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Check with @IAC_Scott

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What are the mileage terms for the deal?

Is the monthly pre or post-tax? What does the DAS cover?

What is the breakdown of the rebates? $7500 EV credit?

@Srod90 - Do you have Costco? If yes, Audi is currently offering a $1500 incentive on this car for Costco members.

7500 miles
$7500 EV credit + 6% of MSRP
I am not sure what DAS covers
Not a costco member unfortunately

You should always ask the dealer for a breakdown.


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which is better?

There’s no such thing as normal. Some leases have very high rent charges and therefore a smaller % of the payment actually pays down the balance. Such leases are not good candidates for leasing for the entire term and then buying out at the end.

Sorry to hijack but im a new user and can’t post yet.

2023 Audi Q5 Sportsback. - black/black with technology package

Correct 0 down 845 and it has a residual of $33,476.80

MVSP: 54,880
Total Savings: 5000
Adjusted Price: 49,880
ETCH: 195
Total Price: 50,075

36 Months, 10,000 miles per year

What price per month would make this a good deal?


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