22 4XE - CCAP 3rd Party Buyout

Hello Hackrs!

Back again, thank you again for all of your help with our previous 4XE lease! We recently picked up our 4XE order that was 1% under invoice and we are looking to just flip it. My question here is, how long do we need to wait before selling it to another dealer?

The lease is through CCAP, we only made the first payment at lease signing. The lease shows up in our CCAP account and has an account number. Does this mean we are good to send this thing down the road or are there any hang-ups that we should be aware of?

I am asking here first before going to the dealer, I learned my lesson last time :slight_smile:.

Thank you!

Do you have plates/is it registered yet?

We’re in Colorado so we received registration right away with temporary tag. Colorado issues temporary tags as it typically takes 60 days on average to process title work.

So no title yet then? Many places wont buy it until the title work is done.

Technically no title yet - since this is a lease we would never see the title anyways. We are selling it to another CDJR dealer and they mentioned 30 days or until the CCAP lease showed up in our account. Ultimately I just wanted to check-in here and see if there were any hang-ups before moving forward.

What is your build and how much are you being offered. Curious how the numbers would look for a 1% below invoice deal.

22 4XE Rubicon
MSRP - $67,735
Invoice - $64,350
Purchase Price - $62,400

Selling to another dealer at $62,500 - we are keeping the tax credits, leased through CCAP so it’s applied as a cap cost reduction. We could probably try and sell for more, selling to a dealer is so much easier though as I don’t have to wade through BS tire kickers.

Did you try Givemethevin or Carvana? Can’t hurt to push that offer higher if they beat the dealer


Going to give that a try as well as CarMax to see what they come back with.

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How do you find your buyout? I don’t see it on CCAP website

@Clutch will buy it
He gave me what I asked for

You need to call them.

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Hi specd Rubi (relatively)
Low discount

You don’t like it?

I have another one that we found on the lot in December. We were going to cancel this order but decided to buy it to flip.

Have to call them or the dealer can call - it’s not listed on CCAP’s website.

Thanks. What options did you get?

This is actually over 3% under invoice according to your numbers provided.

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I figured that out yesterday as well, MSRP went up and we were price locked so it ended up being a deeper discount than originally anticipated.

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