2109 Durango AWD Citadel with CDI and Conquest

Got the following offer on a Durango Citadel AWD (V6) for a 36/15k lease, with a CDI and Conquest
$895 due (1st month + fees) then 35 x $496
MSRP = $49,780

Is it something interesting or not?
By the way, I should be also leasing a JGC 4x4 Limited from the same dealership…

What trim GC? And what are those numbers looking like?

4x4 Limited with single pane sunroof
It’s a demo model with 4,900 miles, but I will have the full warranty (3 years / 36,000 miles) + free maintenance for the duration of the lease (3 years)
Price is 36 x $325, and they write me off a $650 check to pay off my current lease (Nissan)

That sounds great man good deal