21’ Tacoma sr 4x4 lease end options

Lease ends in January, but want to be proactive for any year end incentives. I got quotes from a few online national buyers, and their offer was less than residual, or right at it. I’m a little surprised hearing about the equity people have end of lease right now, but residual on tacos may be inflated. Purchase price was 36,800, residual is 33,500, I did a one pay lease, equivalent to about $230 a month. It has a $3000 TSS trim package that the algorithms may not account for. But I see them trying to be sold for 38k to 42k. 6 months extension for $230 a month.

I am interested in using a balloon note to get this new EV credit, but haven’t thoroughly read into it.

Should I pursue selling it to a Toyota dealership?
Or private party
6m Extension for $230
New Nissan frontier hoping for $300 a month note?

Leaning towards extension.