'21 Porsche Macan GTS - $787/mo w/ $3k DAS - 8 months remaining at 1.6k miles/mo

2021 Porsche Macan GTS
Location: Central Wisconsin

MSRP: $114,370
Monthly payment (pre-tax): $786.70
Current mileage: 29,8xx
Maturity mileage: 43,362
Effective miles per month:1,6xx
Maturity date: 03/23/25 (but these can often be extended by contacting PFS)
MSD due (if any): N/A
Cash due (if any): $3,000
Incentive for new lessee (if any): N/A

Financial institution: PFS Transfer fee: $900 + $100 for credit app
Out-of-state transfer allowed (yes/no): yes

The lease transfer process can begin 7/23/24. Looking to line someone up for a painless process.

This was obviously a custom commissioned and highly spec’d build - no loaner/retired fart car here. This did have full (front) PPF since new, until the dealer had removed it for the CPO process. So the paint is in excellent condition with very minimal flaws. The first owner really took excellent care of the vehicle. While it isn’t a brand new car, it is in great shape for the year & mileage IMO.

RARE PTS Maritime Blue Paint, PTV+, PSCB, Sport Design Package, Sport Chrono Package, Premium Package Plus, Carbon Fiber, Deviated Stitching, Etc. Also comes with two keys, two sets of floor mats, and a set of brand new AS Pirelli tires (NEVER mounted ~$2k value alone).


Premium Package Plus. Nice color.

Beautiful car. What’s the lease end buyout?

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Ha, correct! Agreed - gorgeous color and I also love the heritage of it.

Residual is $72,053.10

10k insensitive and ill take today!

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That blue is :fire:



I have someone who would take it with a $1000 kick to you

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Lololol do you want me to ship it to you as well

I assume that is replacing the $4.5k? :skull:

Everything looks great for me to pick up from you. The only thing I would want is to lose this $4500 upfront fee because that seems like a lot for an 8-month lease. I will pay all transfer fees and kick you $1000 out of pocket, though.

Why would I do that same deal with you over Mike (who also had offered first) who is nearly a guaranteed easy transaction?

There is nearly $2k of rubber in the deal, which surely would not be included with $1k to me. Also seems like you’re spamming all of the Porsche threads.


I am not spamming… actively seeking a deal! I think I found what I was looking for. Thanks for the reply!

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So $786.70/mo pre tax + $4500 + $900 + $100

All of this for 8 months.

Effectively $1474/mo (pre tax) for an 8 month Macan lease. Love the car, but the $4500 kills this deal. Eliminating that gets this down to an effective payment of about $913 (pre tax), which after tax keeps it under $1k a month. Much more reasonable for a Macan GTS lease transfer.


Good luck finding a 115k Porsche lease for 900/month. Agree it’s a little steep at present but nothing crazy.

It’s a 2021 CPO (used) with 30k miles on it. They sell for $68-80K (this one is on the higher end, obviously). Can be financed at around $1,100 with $5k down.


Go find another GTS that you can get for ~$900/mo effective pretax. I’ll say congratulations and be happy for you. People are signing base models with higher payments and that doesn’t even include the DAS, broker fee, etc.

Again, there is about $2k of rubber that I would like to send with the car. If the DAS dwindles down, I certainly wouldn’t be including that in the deal.

Im more than open to reasonable offers but I’m not looking to blow this out. I’d rather just keep the car.

Thanks for looking!

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Yep, I had considered that option myself. I figured by the time I pay full sales tax, interest, gamble on depreciation, etc…a unicorn lease like this is definitely considerably cheaper.

Also with most of the Porsche suv/crossovers, the larger they are (MSRP) the harder they fall. The majority of the high stickers depreciate more than the stripped models. =another good reason to lease it

Why would you even consider financing when you got this sick deal on your lease? lol
The same lease would cost me almost twice as much in VA.

The problem you’re going to run into here is that this is $1,474/mo + tax effective. You can absolutely lease a brand new one for that.