21 Mercedes Benz GLE350

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Mercedes Benz GLE350
MSRP: $65530
Selling Price:60615
Monthly Payment: $940
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:12k
Leasehackr Score:6.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

signing tomorrow. i am aware this is an awful deal, unfortunately best we could get on a GLE in this market right now. thought i would share for others looking for a GLE as i had difficulty finding other deals(being very loose with the word deals here) to compare to.

Is this at least buy rate MF? Even if that is buy rate…dang, that’s high. Why no MSDs? And how’d you avoid the normally ridiculous FL dealer fees?


it is buy rate, i got a higher discount at a dealer but to get the correct color combo we wanted, we went with a broker who gave a lower percentage but no doc fee so it was the same deal

It is buy rate. Good deal if that’s the car you want! Availability on these just got worse.

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CONGRATULATIONS! If you really want your deal to be dissected completely with honest reviews from the hackers and members, delay your signing of the paperwork.

Alternatively if you must sign to tomorrow…You can better your deal with MSDs and 1 pay lease.

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yea, i’ve been watching/shopping the market for roughly 6 months and have gone into lease extension for 2 months and almost hitting the end of my 10 day grace period trying to find a good deal but it’s just not going to happen and i doubt things are going to get better soon so we bit the bullet lol

9500$ just sitting in msds kind of hurts me to even think about not going to lie, i know i would save 2500$ long run but it doesn’t feel smart to tie up that money.

hopefully i get some opinions by my signing appt tmr afternoon, I’ll prob get shit on by a lot of members and told to switch brands :man_shrugging:t2:

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Can you match that high of a guaranteed ROI (not to mention tax free) with other investments? I’d at least considering putting some MSDs even if you don’t want to max out…


I’ll bring it up tmr, the cars for my parents not me and i don’t think my dad would be a fan of tying up that much cash in a deposit. but we shall see


I agree & personally dont like to put 10k in deposits and hold it for 3yrs.

Just my 2 cents…If invested smartly it can easily double during the same period!

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While it sucks to have the money tied up, it’s about 8.5% per year return on investment, not the worst use of money.


No offence but are You sure You can afford this car/payment by not having $9,5k for MSDs? IMO I should have at least $60 to 100k on saving account to afford this car and use wisely MSDs to save more. But this is just me.

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Why not just purchase it? The payment won’t be that different from leasing it and it’s sure to cost less in the long run given how low interest rates are.


I hope You are not referring to stock market.

Yep… S&P 500…the index has returned 10-12% annually consistently over long periods of time!

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Is this what GLEs lease for these days? Looks like Mercedes isn’t subsidizing residuals as aggressively as they used to.

If it were me, I’d be laughing all the way to the BMW showroom to get into a X5 (it’s a nicer car too)


Which would be about the same return rate as MSDs here, especially after tax savings are factored in, but essentially guaranteed on the msds vs who knows what the stock market is going to actually do.

I agree MSDs are good but to each their own. I personally don’t like doing them given I like to sell my leases or swap before they are up and it’s much easier to say “just pay the transfer fee” vs “You need to give me $7k and at the end you will get it back”.

honestly a valid point, I’ll bring it up with my parents. my dad is old fashion and always likes to have as much cash as he can readily available lol

the cars for my parents and they can more than afford it, it’s more so just preference on their end