20K off 2016 Volvo XC90 T8 Momentum

New Volvos are hard to lease as dealers dont offer much of a discount on them, however Volvo discontinued T8 Momentum line and you have to get R-Design or Inscription for a T8. As such all leftover 2016 XC90 T8 Momentum are being sold at great discount, there are 30-40 left throughout the country. I just picked up a nicely equipped one for about about $850/mo with zero down, including TX taxes, shipping cross country and $3000 that i had to pay off BMW after terminating the lease. That is less that one would have paid for a comparable T6 or even T5.
Also, chances are it will be worth more than 45% at the end of the lease so might be an opportunity for a bit of equity as well.

I know that X5 40e can be leased for a bit less, but if someone is after volvo now is a good time to pick one up

Great. Can you post details such as msrp, mf and sales price?Also why did you terminate bmw lease for 3k? Could you not have kept the car or done leasetrader?

MSRP was 74825 + 3200 in Dealer installed options so just over 78000. Sale price 59000, MF .00089. They also threw in wheels upgrade and paid half of the shipping and didnt charge a documentation fee.

I just got BMW 6months ago and while it was a decent car i didnt like it very much, getting out of brand new lease for 3k isnot a bad deal. Plus it effectively zeroed out texas sales tax which was going to be around 3k anyhow, so its really a wash.

How’d you get out of your lease with BMW?

You have to pay off residual and remaining rent charge, essentially you are buying the car from bmw financial.

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Hi Overon03, which dealer did you work with?

And just so I’m reading you correctly, this was for a lease, correct?

yes, its a lease. I worked with CrownVolvo in greensboro (i am in texas). They may have one more left on a lot - NM its gone. You can use Autotrader to search for T8 Momentum