2025 ram 1500 rho... rip trx?

I’ll take everyone you have at 65k. Try 75k and they will still hold value better than these turds.


Bigass truck souding like an M3 when people start messing with boost on these things will be hilarious :joy:

These things are straight 6 btw, not v6…still not a v8

It’s funny to see all the hate on these. The Raptor engine has 90hp less and almost a second slower 0-60 for 8K more, based on MSRP’s. No one is getting 9K off a Raptor so this is a deal for someone that wants a nice looking very capable truck. MPG’s will be close to double than the TRX.


I understand people making fun after losing the hellcat motor but double the mpg and for way less cash it’s a lot of truck for the money.


At the moment one can get a base RHO with the preorder discounts for under $68-69k with tax/fees out the door.

If you can get around from not having a hellcat engine and slightly better tech in a TRX shell then this could be appealing.


I’m tempted to order one. Do we know if keyless entry is standard now? I had a great experience with Granger on my last TRX. Worth throwing $1k for an order.
I will likely do less Dukes of Hazzard stuff with the 6 banger.

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I skimmed through the standard features and it looks like base trims do have keyless entry along with pedal adjustment and blind spot monitor.

2025 RAM RHO Standard features cheat sheet link


Interesting that “Level 1 Safety Group” is listed as standard. It kind of feels like the new Level 1 package is more like the old Level 2 package. I had to skip the bedliner on my second TRX because it was a base, but it looks like the new base might be a lot nicer.

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I mean, supposedly there are 180 lbs removed from around the front axle switching to an I6. So, Dukes of Hazard away, brother.


Ordering one of these that’s loaded up with everything from one of the deep-discount dealers puts you @ thousands less than a base Raptor.

Level 1 for $10k comes with some good stuff…

Google Android Auto (RF5)
SiriusXM Radio Service (X9B)
USB Host Flip (RF7)
Surround View Camera System (XAK)
For Details, Visit DriveUconnect.com (X9E)
Power Adjustable Pedals w/Memory (XAM)
For More Info, Call 800-643-2112 (X9H)
Front Passenger Interactive Display (RJA)
Integrated Voice Command w/Bluetooth (XRB)
Power Seat Back Massage - Frt Pass (CE5)
Head Up Display (LBK)
Power Seat Back Massage - Driver (CE9)
Drowsy Driver Detection (XNM)
Apple CarPlay (RFP)
Disassociated Touchscreen Display (RFV)
Dual Wireless Charging Pad (CMS)
Ventilated Rear Seats (CAH)
Rr 60/40 Folding Split Recline Seat (CAK)
Ventilated Front Seats (CAJ)
19 SPKR Harman Kardon Prem. Sound (RCA)
Real Carbon Fiber Interior Accents (XSQ)
Digital Rearview Mirror (GRG)
Full Length Prem Upgraded Floor Cons (CVT)
Rain Sensitive Windshield Wipers (JHC)
Integrated Center Stack Radio (RTF)
Connectivity - US/Canada (RTM)
Traffic Sign Recognition (SJB)
GPS Navigation (JLN)
4G LTE Wi-Fi Hot Spot (RTQ)
GPS Antenna Input (JLP)
Hands-Free Active Driving Assist Sys (SJH)
SiriusXM with 360L (RTU)
Global Telematics Box Module (TBM) (RDG)
Heated Second Row Seats (JPZ)
Connected Travel & Traffic Services (RTV)
Evasive Steer Assist (SJK)
Intersection Collision Assist System (XPS)
Leather/Carbon Flat-Bottom Strg Whl (SC2)
Smartphone As A Key Capable (GX6)
HD Radio (RE8)
14.4" Touchscreen Display (RHZ)
Driver/Psngr Assist Handles, Wrapped (CSV)
Uconnect 5 NAV W 14.4" Display (USA) (UBW)
240 Amp Alternator (BAL)
Exterior Mirrors w/Memory (LEM)
Luxury Front Door Trim Panel (CTH)
Driver Seat Memory (LEQ)
Power Tailgate (JRC)
Radio/Drv Seat/Mirrors/Pedals Memory (LEV)
12-Way/1-Way Trailer Connector (XEK)


Pricing alone, I think these have a chance to be successful. The raptor is quite underwhelming, especially after they had axed the V8. I’m not a dodge/ram fan by any means, but I think ram has some of the best interiors on the market. I was surprised at the quality of the trx for example. They did a very good job with building those trucks.

A dealership here in Michigan I do a ton of business with is offering the following.

  • 3% under invoice on any Ram RHO or any other RAM Truck order or existing inventory
  • Will take tread lightly or affilate as an additional discount if available on that model
  • no add on required
  • $260 Doc Fee $10 temp tags $24 CUR Fee and your states TTL
  • If you do not sign in person $270 notary fee
  • Will allow lease if Michigan resident with no mark up above buy rate
  • Do not have to use dealership financing
  • 100% price protection once order is placed
  • They handle all registration/title/tag paperwork in state of Michigan
  • Out of State you handle registration/title/tag paperwork
  • Will pick up for free from local airport
  • $1000 nonrefundable deposit

Pm me and I will put you in contact with them


Anyone getting one and doing a balloon? There aren’t any numbers on one yet, but looking at the 2025 Ram Rebels through the AFG calculator with a 7.49% rate and a 8k discount off the Estimated Retail Value of $68205 payment doesn’t look bad. 2500 down, 862 a month including tax 48 months. 9.5% tax

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707-hp was overkill anyway, 540 is still a very decent number.

And you don’t seem to give up much outside of that. Nearly 30% price cut is pretty dang good given that.

Plenty of fairly high end stuff has 6-cylinders:
Ford GT
Jag XJ220

Besides, the automatic adds way more lameness than sub-8 cylinder, lol

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planning to lease 1 and maybe balloon on the other

Yeah, I’ll see whether or not I’ll lease or balloon. If I’m going to keep it less then a year I’m just going to lease it. I haven’t done a balloon before so I have to find one that works here in California with a walk away option at the end of the term. Ordered a base one on Monday, already got a Vin yesterday.

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