2025 Lexus NX 450h F sport- Numbers not making sense - MI

I am in Michigan, and currently working with a dealer in NY for specific NX450h. I’d like to get a lease and do a buyout to get the $7500 credit, however the dealer finance person is telling me it’s cheaper to pay in cash than to get a lease with the $7500 incentive. Here is what the document that dealer sent me:

According to the dealer, I would have to pay all lease payments ($999x24month) + residual value (68% x $67,074) + tax, which is around 73K-74K. He is very adamant about this.

When I use the lease hacker calculator, it has a checkbox for “pay everything upfront to lower the money factor”. Selecting this checkbox, the leasehackr calculator gives the following: (link also below)

Total cost of lease calculated to be $20,314 (Depreciation-$11,964, rent=$5,671,taxes=$1,177,non-capitalized cost=$1,503). Since the depreciation is 11,964, shouldn’t the vehicle buy price be $67,074 minus residual ($45,610) minus incentive( $7500)?

I also attempted to replicate the dealer’s numbers in the lease hackr calculator, but cannot quite get there. I get a lease payment of 918 vs. dealer’s 999.

My leasehackr calculator results: